How to choose the best air purifier?

best air purifier

What are the three most important points when purchasing a new air purifier?

let’s start with point number one:

There are two main types of air purifiers in the market, the HEPA type air purifiers and the electrostatic air purifiers.

The HEPA type air purifiers are really really easy to operate because once the filter is used up, you can just remove it and replace it with a new one. On the other side, the electrostatic air purifier has the big advantage that you can clean the electrostatic filter.

Now let me move to point number two: if you want to remove bad smell, odors or gases out of the air, you need to have an activated carbon filter.

There’s only one rule; the more activated carbon you have in your filter, the more gases, bad smells or odors can be absorbed. if you can choose, go for the heavier filter because it will last you longer.

let’s move to the last point. When purchasing an air purifier, the room size is a very important figure so you need to understand how big the room you want to purify.

Your room should be cleaned at least three times per hour. It means that the volume of your room needs to pass through your air purifier three times every hour.

If you suffer from allergies, this number should even increase to five times. Speaking about room size, there is one very important term to consider the CADR.

CADR stands for clean air delivery rate. the clean air delivery rate is directly connected to the room size which means the higher the CADR, the bigger of an area you can clean with your air purifier.


There are three points to consider:

  • first point is the choice of the technology either you go for a HEPA filter technology or for the electrostatic filter.
  • number two is the activated carbon filter. it’s only activated carbon that can filter gases or bad smells out of the air.
  • number three is CADR which is connected to the room size.


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